Welcome to the Newborn Care Solutions LMS

Welcome to the Newborn Care Solutions Institute.  Our training institute offers a variety of classes to meet the educational needs of Newborn Care Specialists (also called Baby Nurses and Maternity Nurses in countries outside the USA) from around the globe. 

Within our programs, you will find everything you need to train and establish yourself as a Newborn Care Specialist-whether that is to transition fully into this kind of work or just expand your skill set to make you more marketable as a nanny or more hirable as an Infant Specialist for the Daycare setting.  Our courses take you from the Basic "Introduction to Newborn Care", through Foundational NCS, Advanced NCA, Mentor NCS and finally Elite NCS.  These programs are designed to take you step by step in the right direction as you build your skills and your career.  Of course, as you will hear me say many times throughout many of the training videos, there are some things you can only learn by working directly with the babies, so be sure that alongside these programs, you are taking every opportunity to work hands-on with babies as much as possible.  Join our online mentoring community to draw on the years of experienced  NCS we make available to you and find an experienced NCS and ask her to mentor you.  The more experience and guidance you have, the better you are going to be.  Welcome to the amazing world of Newborn Babies and as we often joke, "welcome to the dark side!"

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